I am Nat, founder and chief finder at Worn by littles, mum to Finn, one half of Jim and Nat, brand specialist, lover of DIY, fashion, interiors and winter walks on the beach. Having children changes your whole world – they change the way you function day to day, the way you sleep (or don’t!) they change the way you think and the way you dream. For me, having Master F made my days more rewarding, my sleep precious, my dreams a reality and made me think about my impact on our world. With a child that grew at a pretty rapid pace I was going through clothes at an alarming rate, I began sourcing and buying clothes that would last, items with the durability and quality to be handed down, connecting generations and to be loved for years to come.

As a child I wore a pair of bright red Oshkosh dungarees, filled with memories, grazed knees and grass stained. I only wish I still had them to give Finn a chance to grass stain them all over again. I want to make sure that these well-made, good quality, memory filled children’s clothes are available for generations to come. Finn now has his very own pair, living his own adventures and making new memories. 

Worn by littles is just that – clothes worn and handed down from little to little, within families, between friends and finally from me to you. Each item has been sourced and hand selected to create a collection of the very best key pieces for a sustainable wardrobe, from timeless dungarees to denim favourites.

A future for our children that is well sourced and well dressed! Welcome to Worn by littles.